Beautiful fresh underarms

There are 2 reasons to buy our products: stay dry and fresh under your armpits and protect your clothes from permanent stains under your armpits. We were the very first in the market and are still the largest worldwide. The armpit pads were invented by a Dutch couple who created a solution based on need. That worked out. We make our armpit pads in Italy.

Dare to show your underarms

Multi choice

White and Black large and medium. Which size depends on your physical and amount of perspiration. Tip: try them both first.
Medium white with micro Talco fragrance capsules. While wearing, a delicious, neutral Talco perfume emerges from the capsules. For double security

For him and her

Armpit pads are suitable for everyone

Protect your clothes

Armpit pads Remove dark yellow stubborn stains

Get rid of the doubt

Armpit pads prevent unpleasant armpit odors


we introduced fragrance pads. With the aim to provide, in addition to security and protection, the guarantee that no unpleasant odors are noticeable. An armpit pad in which we put Talco micro capsules that open during the day. Fine, soft fragrance that is also great to use in combination with a deodorant


Awarded as the best available armpit pad in the market


we introduced the washable pad. You can buy these separately and have them sewn into your own clothing. It is made of 100% cotton, so it can be washed with your clothes


we made the pad even thinner and therefore more comfortable to wear without sacrificing power


we started making a black version for the dark clothing


At the end of 2010 we also decided to make a Large variant for even more absorption capacity


L’Óreal wanted our product for the French market and came to the conclusion that we make the best

it was decided to make the product in Northern Italy and that the base material should be Airlaid for maximum comfort and maximum absorption capacity


they developed their first edition of the armpit pad and started testing the product


the founders had a eureka moment at the kitchen table when he started complaining about the discoloration of his beautiful new shirt

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