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Beauty can be many different

Consequently, our target is to contribute decisively to the consumers’ beauty and be part of their daily routine and beauty rituals:

• With innovative accessories and cosmetic adapted to different needs and market trends.

• With simple, clear communication; on the packaging, the display at the point of sale, and presence in the most dynamic media, a frequent meeting point with consumers.

Beter Beauty Care

The Beauty Care line offers four complete ranges of tools and cosmetics for manicure-pedicure, makeup, hair care and bath accessories. A cosmetic image that is transmitted through the product, packaging, display systems and merchandising, and places beauty accessories in their rightful place within the modern beauty care sector.

Beter Pharmacy

An established and constantly evolving range, conceived and designed for the international pharmaceutical sector. Providing new concepts, based on excellence and distinction, is one of the priorities in the development of Beter Pharmacy: offering impeccable service; the most practical, ergonomic and safe beauty accessories; cosmetic products and make up that aid styling while taking care of the skin.
Beter Pharmacy transmits an attractive cosmetic style through packaging and display systems, which adapt to the needs of the location.

Who we are ?

We are a company based in Barcelona founded in 1936 and run by the third generation of the family. Over a period of 80 years we became experts in personal care, we extended our product range and consolidated our brand, making it stronger and better known to consumers.


Time and experience have shown us that maintaining complicity with each and every one of our clients is our commitment with continues innovation and growth.

Ten years working on the global market has made our brand internationally recognized in 39 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

Our international strategy benefits from 80 years of experience and leadership in the Spanish market for beauty accessories. Therefore, we can offer our clients the most comprehensive and quality assured product range, covering all their needs.

80 years of brand expertise

Innovative and trendy beauty care tools

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