Who we are ?

At first, we would like to thank you for trusting Innova distribution, over the past 24 years, where we provide quality, comprehensive affordable products to everyone in a comfortable and safe environment.

We serves as a distributor of a large number of exclusive products where we carry more than 20 exclusive brands. We are positioned in one of the main distributors in KSA.

We look forward to delivering exceptional brands, inspired and valued by you, and looking for new opportunities where we can partner to promote a better life quality for everyone.

The Kingdom Vision 2030

“The Kingdom Vision 2030” will enable us to enhance our performance and expand our competencies towards a brighter, more vibrant and prosperous future as part of our transformation plan.
In order to achieve this, we have developed a road map for us, and we invite you to view it by continue the browsing down

Our Motto

Unlike other Companies in the market which made their main goal is increasing sales without caring about Customers experience by understand what they are looking for, and give them honest advices about their choice by asking is their choice match their needs or not, we break this rule in selling, and reorder our priorities and goals, and make our only priority and main goal is improving Consumers' experience of goods based on three basic rules


1- Ensure the quality of the product and completely test it before putting it on the marke


2- Ensure that the product meets the needs of the customer


3- Ensure that the customer has made full use of the product

Customer interest

we made our vision by putting customer interest first, and improve his experience in shopping, and make sure that he satisfied.

even if this cost us decreasing in sales, because this is our social responsibility, our vision and our message that we seek to spread in the market

Trust between us

However, we certainly expect that as long as we gain customer satisfaction, and put his interest first, and give him the quality in our products that he is looking for, we will have achieved the common interest between us and strengthened the relations and trust between us.

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Road Map

In order to achieve this common goal, we have developed a road map for us to proceed with those three main rules that bind us with you, we invite you to view it by continue the browsing down

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  • Ensure the quality of the product and completely test it before putting it on the market


Contracting with manufacturers which offer the product


Test the quality of the products manufactured by them

Doctors and Experts

take what experts and doctors said about the safety of the materials and formulations used in the product


The manufacturers reputation in the market, its history, social responsibility

Sampling and Testing

At this stage, and before putting the product in the market, we first seek to ensure the quality of the product and whether it really achieves the mentioned used, and that by taking test samples and distributing them to the largest group of users to try it, and then listening to their feedback about the product and does it really perform the stated purpose

  • Ensure that the product meets the needs of the customer.

Description and detailed

We have provided you with detailed information about the product on its display page, and that information includes a text description, pictures and video, remember our products are founded everywhere in market .

Customers reviews

Also we added the customers review who had previously purchased the product and post their feedback and their experiences with it.

 Similarly, we expect you to send your personal experience using it, and whether you got benefit from it or Not.

Whether your experience is negative or positive we will be more than happy to display your comments on the product page because this will help the others to improve their experience and decisions about the product, and similarly it will help us in the decision to continue selling the product or withdraw it from the market, and remember that the interest of customers is our top priority.

  • Ensure that the customer has made full use of the product.

Customer service

 Are we satisfied with what mentioned above? Of course no, that is why we have putting experts in our customer service team to answer your inquiries about the product, listen to your needs, and then advise you on whether this product is suitable for you and meets your needs or not, and remember that we are giving a unique experience to you not just a products

Are you ready for this unique experience? 

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