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Who we are ?

White Glo was established in 1993, initially developed for Australian actors, actresses and models who required the utmost facial beautification. However, word soon got out about just how effective White Glo was and we decided to make it available to the public!

It all starts with a smile. An infectious smile. A smile that can travel around the Earth. Our inspiration, Marilyn Monroe famously said, "A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear". We believe that everyone has the right to the brightest, whitest smile to power through their day and be their most confident self. Change the world, one smile at a time.

ADA Certified

White Glo is proud to have products certified by the ADA, a team of expert dentists that ensure our products work exactly as intended and meets the regulations set out by ISO 11609. This includes 9 standards and 10 stringent tests including total fluoride, abrasively, stability and remineralization rates taking over 2 years to complete. In addition to thorough testing, our products are consistently retested to ensure we are maintaining the high quality set out by the ADA. You can rest assured your smile is being well looked after.

#1 Canstar Blue 2019

Canstar Blue is a consumer review and comparison website that has been helping Aussies make better informed purchase decisions since 2010, with White Glo shining brightest in toothpaste ratings, receiving first in customer satisfaction ratings in 2019. An independent study was conducted with over 3,000 participants finding that White Glo rated five stars across feel of teeth after using, effectiveness, value for money, texture, taste, packaging and overall satisfaction outdoing major international brands.

Australia's favourite teeth whitening brand

Since White Glo’s founding in 1993, we are globally recognized as the most specialized and complete brand in teeth whitening covering a large array of products to achieve that beautiful white smile. Over this time we’ve been the fortunate winners of numerous prestigious awards from independent consumer trials as testament to all our hard work on R&D. Our success largely ties in with the specialized formulations originally developed for Australian actors, actresses and models who work hard to look their best. It was from there we decided to make our products accessible to everyone and our results speak for themselves - over 25 years and 50+ countries later with 10,000+ 5 star reviews across all our products.

Globally the fastest growing brand in oral care

With over 25 years of experience, White Glo has perfected manufacturing and it is the fastest growing brand in the oral care category despite being in a highly competitive segment competing against major international brands.
White Glo has a strong presence in 50 countries in the UK/EU, Asia, Middle East, the Americas and recently South America. White Glo’s latest innovative technologies are helping everyone become their most confident selves with our latest innovations in oral care and teeth whitening.

First to market

White Glo is constantly investing in R&D to bring the latest innovations in teeth whitening to market, giving new life and excitement into the generic category of oral care. Our specialty is infusing the latest beauty and cosmetic trends into oral care in tandem with utilizing the most elaborate and creative marketing strategies to bring our products to life to assist our distributors. We have been the first to market in many product launches, allowing our distributors to have first mover advantages including but not limited to innovations in charcoal, micellar water infused toothpaste, natural enzyme teeth whitening and more

Proven Success

Among oral care brands, White Glo has the highest consumer satisfaction and even higher consumer loyalty. This comes down to our proven formula of obsessive consumer centric focus combined with our creative marketing support which brings excitement to retail stores leading to higher sales and profit. All of these results are backed by our success in over 50 countries with many distributors being with us for over 20 years

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