Who we are ?

Skincare started early in making high quality ingredients accessible to all, and above all enjoying the important role that beauty plays in our lives.

Formulated & Made in USA

Skincare is not merely what we put on our skin, but a reflection of how we care for ourselves

Oure philosophy

We believe in keeping thing simple, we created Skinlab by BSL so that we can simplify our rituals and our lives with effective powerful skincare, our passion to create healthy and save formulas has formed the basis of Skinlab by BSL ethos, and guided the innovation of every product.

Ingredients with integrity

Healthy skincare starts with premium quality ingredients. We carefully source each vitamin, mineral, protein and antioxidant to the highest standards, then, they are balanced in formulation to nourish your skin, each one is 100% safe, healthy and cruelty-free

Results Matter

We are committed to skincare that goes beyond the surface, Skinlab by BSL formulas deliver visible results, but also help create moment of self-care.

Renew your spirit

It’s so important for us to take care of ourselves, we hope that people will see our skincare collections as a way to renew not only the skin, but also the spirit.

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